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The company "TAGGERT GROUP" LLC is engaged in the promotion, supply and service of cargo handling devices, materials and equipment in the Russian Federation.


The customer's company sells equipment from several brands. Therefore, the main goal was to create a catalog site with a full range of products, also demonstrating the expertise and advantages of the company.


  • create a decent image of the company in the digital space through the website;
  • build the site structure in such a way that you can find the desired brand or product easily and quickly;
  • make a product card, the structure of which will be convenient for all products in the company's assortment.

Analytics and design

During the project development, we focused on studying the product catalogs of each of the presented brands. We highlighted the similarities in the description and, based on them, designed a universal product card - convenient and understandable when filling out. Also developed prototypes of the future site.

Home page

We put the main focus on the brands and products that the company releases. Below we showed the geography of supplies, talked about the partners and placed useful articles and company news in a separate block.

Design and content

The design concept is made in a minimalistic style — straight lines, restrained colors, laconic accents on products. We set a course to gain trust and loyalty from potential customers. To do this, in the section «About the company» provided the ability to download reviews of real customers. The «News and Articles» section contains up-to-date information about the company's products and reviews of various products.

Equipment catalog and product card

Several options for viewing products have been worked out in the catalog. So, you can:

  1. immediately go to the section with the equipment of interest;
  2. first read about a specific brand and then go to the range of its products.

Work with a product card is easy and comfortable — it is possible to upload photos, add a video review or a size table for particular equipment.


The site is fully responsive. It is equally convenient to use on any device: on a full-fledged monitor, tablet screen and mobile phone.


Dmitry Barchenkov

We made it

Valentin Revutsky
analytics, design, project manager
Alexander Kolomeets
Vladimir Zhiboyedov
front-end development
Vladislav Umrikhin
back-end development

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