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Large manufacturer and supplier of vacuum, heat-shrinkable and other packaging types products in the Far East, Siberia and Southeast Asia.


Create a convenient and attractive landing page whose goal will be to convey the company's opportunity  to produce various packaging materials and ability to fulfill any client's order in the shortest possible time.


In today's highly competitive environment is not easy to capture the customer's attention. The market abounds with a large number of proposals in almost all areas. It is important to stand out favorably from all the variety of competitors. In order to clearly declare the customer's company and be remembered by potential customers, we decided to focus on bright design and loud, attractive headlines from the first screen of the website.

Memorable design

A striking design element became a 3d model of a shark, which we packed in a vacuum bag and placed on the first screen of the site. In addition to this, we have brightly illustrated the products, services and advantages of the company.


The company became bigger and entered the international market. That was the reason why we improved the website and made it multilingual. Now the user's region is determined automatically and applicable language is loaded immediately.


It is very important that the site can be operated from any device. That is why we have worked out the possibility of a comfortable access to the site from your computer and your phone or tablet.

We made it

Valentin Revutsky
project management
Alexander Kolomeets
Ivan Novik
Vladimir Zhiboyedov
Vladislav Umrikhin

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