Grink Jamaica

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Grink Jamaica

The Slavda Companies Group turned to us for creating a website that would draw the attention of the youth audience who see ads on social networks making them feel the summer mood.

Grink Jamaica itself is a crazy summer taste with hints of chili pepper. Can such a drink have a boring website?


To create a memorable landing page for those who see ads of the Company on social networks.


For a long time, we have been looking for the very “mood” that would ideally suit the taste of the drink and finally we settled on what the summer is all associated with: heat, bright colors, and music.

A groundswell of emotions from viewing!

It was one of the most interesting and non-standard projects that we have done in such a short time. We wrote an interesting storyboard scenario, involved some secret animation techniques, and applied many rich and powerful gradients. It was fun.

User friendly interface

Absolutely unambiguous and simple interface that is convenient for everyone!


Ekaterina Kotlyar
The Slavda Companies Group

We made it

Timofey Beloglazov
Criticism and motivation
Vladimir Zhiboedov
Frontend development
Lina Medvedeva
Design and prototyping

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