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Company that develops smart bots for business and a platform for their customizing.


To develop a landing page that will colorfully reflect the beneficial advantages of the TOMORU bot and tell about the key differences from other similar offers on the market.


It is important to hook a potential client from the first screen, show the bot's ability to replace a real manager and solve his problems quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the concept of the page is built on a vivid demonstration of bot’s work, which solves real problems that customers often face with.

Design concept

To stand out from the competition and make the page memorable, we built the concept of the site on exclusive illustrations drawn specifically for the project. The main illustration is the Digital Samurai, who is ready to cope with any client's task.


With the help of animation, we showed a real dialogue between the bot and potential client, focusing on the key features of work with the system.


We thought over adaptation on all devices while maintaining the full functionality of the page, including complex animation.

We made it

Valentin Revutsky
analytics, design, project manager
Timofey Beloglazov
Alexander Kolomeets
Albina Markova
assembly in TILDA

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