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Clients company deals with low-rise buildings. They built a premium class residential complex «Snegiri»(means Bullfinches) in suburban of Vladivostok. Actually, guys made an excellent living space with a modern design, expensive materials, a «green» area and a convenient location.


New apartment — one time made purchase for most people throughout their lifetime. The real estate market is teeming with various offers. Therefore, it is very important for the developer to explain clearly why the buyer should choose housing in his residential complex.


To develop a website that will colorfully illustrate a new residential complex and reflect all its advantages. In general, to show how good and comfortable it will be to live in Snegiri complex.


  • Made a big emphasis on laconic design and smooth animation.
  • Integrated an interactive system Profitbase for viewing and selecting apartments.
  • Developed a virtual tour that will guide the buyer through different locations of the residential complex.


We started by coming up with a design concept, developing layouts and prototypes of the pages for the future site. Together with the client, we thoroughly analyzed all benefits of the residential complex and reflected all reasons why you should buy an apartment there. The thoughtful text dispelled all doubts and questions that a site visitor may have.


We have implemented the opportunity of choosing and viewing an apartment directly on the site. You can walk through the floors, look through the entire range, study the location and layout. A block with a virtual tour was made at the end of the main page. There you can walk along the buildings, visit the children's and sports grounds — see the whole complex from the inside.


The site is adapted for any screen resolution. Spectacular animation and apartment selection can be enjoyed on any mobile device.

We made it

Timofey Beloglazov
Project management
Vladimir Zhiboedov
Frontend development
Vlad Umrikhin
Alexander Kolomeets
Albina Markova
Good mood curator

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