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the company specializes in the design and development of residential and public buildings, commercial and infrastructure facilities. It is a division of the construction company Armada.


To develop a promotional website for the Armada-Project company, which will be profitable and interesting stand out against other competitors and clearly explain the list of services provided by the company.


This is not the first site that we make for construction companies. Always we want to make something bright, unusual, bold and this case was no exception. To stand out from the competition, we decided to think outside the box. The first unusual solution was to change the principle of page scrolling (from the usual vertical to horizontal). It looks unusual and attractive.⠀

Graphics and animation

We made a bright first screen - with an emphasis on typography, atypical for the field of architectural design. Added animated elements - simple enough not to overload the design, but attract attention.

Functionality and content

In the section with services, we have added clear calculators with the ability to form a preliminary cost of the project. We also added a section with real reviews to increase the trust of potential customers.


As a result, it turned out stylish, useful and unusual. And, you know, customer was not only one who liked it. This project was nominated for the 2019 Golden Site.

We made it

Valentin Revutskiy
analytics, design, project management
Alexander Kolomeets
Vladimir Zhiboyedov

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