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Transport company that specializes in the transportation of containers, general, oversized and dangerous cargoes for business leaders.


Create a landing page that stands out from the competition with an interesting design. At the same time this page should clearly disclose the services provided by the company and the enterprise’s competitive advantages.


The logistics services market is quite monotonous and conservative - most of the companies' sites are as alike as two peas. Therefore, we deliberately decided to make a more informal and playful design, which was based on a variety of isometric illustrations.

Design and animation

For each service of the company was selected an illustration that clearly characterizes it without any description. Our team added light and flexible animation, which doesn’t overload the project and doesn’t affect the page loading speed.


Desktop, tablet, phone - the site is accessible from any device, while retaining full functionality.

We made it

Valentin Revutsky
project management
Ivan Novik
Vladimir Zhiboyedov
layout and programming

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